Saturday, December 26, 2009

Javier Cáceres: The Next Guillermo del Toro?

I am so proud of my high school alma mater. Shorewood High School recently took on a challenge by rival Shorecrest to create a music video. And in my humble opinion, SW still rules!

I saw the video on You Tube by way of Twitter, but now after reading Nicole Brodeur's column in The Seattle Times, I am truly blown away.

Javier Cáceres created, with probably hundreds of classmates participating, the most amazing video, "Shorewood Lip Dub." Cáceres conceived this thing, and choreographed it, *backwards*. That's right: Everyone in the video was moving forward but singing backwards, so when he played the video backwards, all students are lip-synching perfectly to the music--but walking, dancing backwards!

The coolest part of all is that Javier Cáceres is a high school senior--from Peru. He came to the States just six years ago with his family. He didn't speak much English then, but now he's a Running Start student with dreams of becoming a director. According to the Times columnist, even Ben Stiller and Ashton Kutcher are tweeting about this genius.

This is the American dream, folks.

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