Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Día de la Familia at Pacific Science Center - THIS SATURDAY

Did you know that our own Pacific Science Center sets aside a special day for the local Latino community? They're working on their second annual Día de la Familia, to take place this coming Saturday. It's a really cool deal, where even the 3D movie, Wild Ocean, will be en español. Look for a laser show featuring música latina, live mariachis, and more! For times and other details, see their website: http://www.pacsci.org/diadelafamilia/.

Discount coupons ($25 for a family of four) are available at the Plaza Bank Kent Station branch and were also inserted in the current La Raza del Noroeste newspapers.

Could event be a fun event for young students of Spanish! If you go, please offer your comments on the event, attendance, etc + photos if you've got 'em right here on my blog!

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