Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Global and Regional Marketing

Global companies have the extra responsibility of appealing to consumers in various regions and countries, which may require research, localization, and other tactics to pull it off effectively.

Are there particular colors we shouldn't be using in an ad that will appear in China? What about the handshake--what might that signify in the Middle East? It seems there's no such thing as too many questions.

We need to be very aware of the cultural cues and norms of the area we're targeting. You may even require a partner that has this experience and can guide you to successful marketing strategies in your targeted regions.

Of course, all companies are trying to cinch their belts, especially right now. What that means is that they are likely to create one global campaign. This campaign is then simply tweaked to create independent market versions that are culturally and linguistically appropriate--but that rely on the overarching branding and tone. They may substitute imagery, colors, and other graphic elements.

But every effort in this regard is not graceful. Not even those of premier global brands--companies that should know better and have the resources to do the job right.

Check out this Microsoft example and tell me what you think. Better yet, how does it make you feel?

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