Monday, September 7, 2009

¡POR FIN! Latino Film Festival in Seattle!

CineSeattle is bringing us our first-ever Seattle International Latino Film Festival, coming up later this month! Block out your calendar September 24-27 so you can see films brought to us from 11 different countries.

This is something various groups in Seattle have longed to do for years and years--and now CineSeattle is doing it! But they could use all of our help:
  • Buy a pass - $150 for a four-day pass to all screenings! Great value!
  • Volunteer - offer your time and volunteer during the festival!
  • Donate - offer your money! Everyone likes cash, and we want to see this festival return next year.
  • Spread the word - Tell all your Latinophile friends about this incredible festival. Share it on Facebook and Twitter; email your network.
  • See a film - there are four theaters involved in this festival, and lots of variety among the screenings.
Check out this clip from local Spanish-language TV show Actitud Latina (which though is in Spanish, features several interviews in English).

For more details on the festival, visit the CineSeattle site.

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