Tuesday, October 27, 2009

La Raza: Pastor alemán, por ejemplo

I just read the latest post from Deb Arnold on the importance of knowing your audience. The moral of her story is to ask yourself: Who do you think you're talking to?

So many businesses forget this really important step of identifying your audience prior to crafting communications to that audience. It can be disastrous, even in a low-key, skill-building, team-building situation like the one Deb describes.

But imagine if you're brand is making its first impression!

Take a read! And think: What dog breeds do you know in a second language?

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  1. Deb Arnold's article highlights the important and groundbreaking efforts of ABBA. Yeah...ABBA the music group from Sweden, who sang most of their songs in English. Many years ago, in an interview they mentioned how much of a challenge it was to write songs in English that were universal - even to people who didn't speak it as a first language. They had to put a lot of time into word choices, because some words simply don't translate or have meaning even if English is spoken. This was probably not done, or possibly even considered, when crafting the infamous "dog question."

    As for ABBA, based on their worldwide sales over their career we can see just how important it is to know your audience!


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