Saturday, November 29, 2008

Announcing another addition to the Conexión Marketing team!

A warm welcome to Mauricio Ayón, Development Director for Conexión Marketing. Mauricio's a well-connected guy who has joined our team to help us strategize our approach. You may know him from the King County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce or other local organizations--Mauricio knows how to bring people together in great ways.

Of course there are a lot of businesses that we can provide value to with our Hispanic marketing, communications and research services, but with Mauricio's assistance we're focusing on specific industries that have yet to get into the business of truly serving Latinos--and in which these companies will see a tremendous ROI.

¡Bienvenido, Mauricio! Why don't you welcome Mauricio personally? Feel free to do so at

p.s. I took this picture of him today at the delicious Salvadorean Bakery! mm mm good!

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