Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The People Speak

The University of Washington worked with State Farm Insurance and tú Decides Newspaper to conduct a Hispanic market study at a recent event.

Here are some highlights:

  • When local Latinos were asked about the most important issues when it comes to choosing a president, they listed economy and jobs at the top.
  • As issues with greatest importance, the nation's economy, the state's economy and education led.
  • When asked about whether the situation for Hispanics in Washington State was better, worse, or about the same, males and females responded significantly differently. The majority of women found it about the same (56.5%) or worse (30.4%), whereas men responded that it was about the same (38.3%) or better (30%). In general, we could say that Hispanics feel their situation here is about the same. Note that there was no significant difference in how U.S. born versus foreign-born Hispanics responded.
  • Men were found to be generally much more confident about their financial situation than women, but in general Hispanics are only somewhat confident.

For more details on the study, visit the newspaper's bilingual site and look up the October 31, 2008 edition:

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