Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How U.S. Hispanics are celebrating Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all - I wanted to introduce you to a relatively new site called Mi Apogeo No, it's not a Seattle-specific site, but it's a very cool interactive Latino community I thought you should know about. And it's in English, likely based on the fact that Latino youth in the U.S. are typically English-dominant and also that the majority of Hispanics online are somewhat bilingual and accustomed to English-language sites.

I was particularly interested to see submissions on Latinos and their Thanksgiving celebrations It's fun to see how people with different cultural backgrounds are managing to meld those into a very American celebration.

Check it out! And be it Turkey Day--or Ham 'n' Clove Day, or Tamale Day--enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday, safely and happily!

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