Monday, January 12, 2009

Caoba Salon Open at La Plaza Shopping Center

Hello and Happy Monday -

I visited Caoba Salon on Saturday for their Grand Opening. This is one classy place! The owners, Jack Gamero (of the Lake City Way Caoba Salon), Mauricio Ayón and Jaime Méndez, have created an ambience much like the original Caoba Salon right in La Plaza Shopping Center in Kent-Des Moines. It's a terrific brand--these guys are really onto something!
Caoba Salon is spacious and beautifully decorated. They have private rooms for waxing, facials and massage. A really nice ambience. Jessica, the technician who performed my waxing service, was professional and caring--and we laughed a lot! Surprisingly, however, Jessica does not speak Spanish, so I'm hoping others they're bringing in will be able to converse with Latino clients in Spanish.
Unfortunately, I had another engagement so had to take off before the real party began, but I can tell you that this business is poised for big success.
Readers: If you've visited Caoba Salon during the Grand Opening or anytime in the future, feel free to comment with your experiences.
Congrats to Mauricio, Jaime and Jack on opening their new salon! We wish you the best of success!

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