Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sales Language = Contract Language

The consumer negotiated the purchase in a language other than English and ended up with products they didn't want and/or a bad deal ...

Those who know me know I'm a stickler on this subject!

A new coalition, Consumers Against Auto Fraud, is addressing some of the problems that may arise during a used car purchase. Now we need your help in making the used car buying process more transparent and fair for consumers across the state.

The legislature is considering a pair of bills that if passed will positively impact many low-income Washington consumers: SB 5675 sponsored by Senator Ed Murray and HB 1772 sponsored by Representative Brendan Williams. Links to both bills are attached below.

Please contact your Legislators about the importance of SB 5675 & HB 1772! Attached is a one page description of the problems these bills are designed to solve and more detail about what these bills would do. The legislation has four important elements:

(1) All used car dealers must inspect their cars and disclose significant known defects to consumers before purchase.

(2) If the used car dealer negotiates the deal in a language other than English then all vital documents must also be translated into that language for the consumer.

(3) The bond that car dealers must post to protect consumers from unscrupulous and fraudulent practices is increased.

(4) Certain misrepresentations during the sales and financing process are explicitly prohibited.

To find your legislative district go to .

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