Monday, January 26, 2009

Please attend public hearing on ethnic commissions in WA

Here's your opportunity to have a voice on SB 5589: the future of the Washington State Commission on Hispanic Affairs and other ethnic commissions in our state.

WHAT? Public Hearing, Government Operations & Elections
WHEN? Tomorrow! Tuesday, January 27 1:30pm
WHERE? Senate Hearing Rm 2, J.A. Cherberg Building, Olympia, WA

I talked to my colleague Ty Cordova, who's been very involved over the years. He explained it to me this way:

What the bill is proposing is for all ethnic commissions to be dissolved and an over-arching Minority Affairs Department be established. While a considerable cost saving measure is realized, it would significantly reduce access to all communities of color currently served.

PASS THIS ALONG: If you or others can attend the hearing it would bode well for all of our commissions in the state.

And if you cannot attend: I encourage you to CALL and voice your position!
Call the below phone numbers and tell committee staff that you are against SB 5589:

Sharon Swanson
JAC 425
(360) 786-7447

Aaron Gutierrez
JAC 412
(360) 786-7448

Edward Redmond
Research Analyst
JAC 413
(360) 786-7471

Catherine Nicolai
Committee Assistant
JAC 435
(360) 786-7430

Dana Sondergaard
Committee Clerk
JAC 432
(360) 786-7736

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