Monday, April 6, 2009

In this week's Puget Sound Business Journal

I've talked before about Seattle's Global Partnerships and the amazing microlending they're doing in Central and South America.

But did you know there are microcredit programs right here in Washington State?

Take a look at this week's Puget Sound Business Journal for an article on local microcredit opportunities, including a bit on Washington CASH and their new focus on helping immigrants start and grow their businesses.

Our own Gigi Basaure is volunteering for Washington CASH and sees first-hand how the programs works. After completing an 8-week systematic program of education, participants have the opportunity to apply for a small loan. These programs are now targeting Latino, Somali and Ethiopian entrepreneurs with coaches, like Beto Yarce, who work with them in-language.

I've invited Gigi to post her experiences with the program here, to give us an inside look at how it works.

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