Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Own Economic Stimulus Offer

We're hearing that there are companies out there that want to learn how to the Hispanic community, locally or nationally, but now have limited funds to work with.

So we're here to help! Our Hispanic Marketing Consultation is a product we've always offered, but never messaged here. Based on what we've been hearing, however, it's worth spreading the word!

Hispanic Marketing Consultation
Includes one phone conversation (up to 2 hours) and one follow‐up email.

We'll learn about your business, products, services, current target

We'll discuss your objective(s)

We'll provide basic guidance over the phone:

  • Approach

  • Media suggestions (general)

  • Partnership ideas

  • Best practices

  • Language

  • Examples

  • And other information as relevant

  • Then we'll follow up with an email to include high‐level information from phone conversation and any helpful links or other resources.

This popular prepaid package is also offered at our downtown Seattle office if it's convenient for you to visit.

Is this a service that your organization can benefit from? If so, call us at 206-621-2185 to set up your appointment.

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