Friday, April 24, 2009

Venice is Sinking party raised almost $20K for Crooked Trails

Excited news--that fantastic party I went to last weekend raised nearly $20,000 for Crooked Trails and their mission to bridge cultures. Last year's raised $14,000 (which helped build a girl's school in Peru!)--next year's is sure to be even bigger.

>>Sponsorship, anyone? Seriously--it's a neat audience, a great atmosphere and a terrific cause. Get in touch with organizer Tracey Klinkroth if your business might be interested:

And the costumes...check out the photo gallery to see some of our city's creativity! Note in this picture here 1) I *am* wearing a dress, you just can't see it, and 2) that mask I'm wearing is straight from my trip to Venice last fall and, 3) yes, it was a bad hair day.

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