Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can you roll your R's? Barrrrrrrio

Last night I attended the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce Seís de Mayo event that was really fun! It was at the new-ish Barrio restaurant, up on 12th Street between Pike and Union.

You're probably wondering why, if our office is downtown, I was at the Capitol Hill Chamber event. Well, first of all I'm a long-time Capitol Hill resident, and second of all, events and membership are open everyone! The Chamber is a growing organization that has about 170+ members and several active committees. The folks I met last night represented all kinds of different industries, from telecom to publishing. Check out their site for more!

Oh, and Barrio was a great place for us to meet:
  • Great food!
  • Good area for groups to meet!
  • Super-duper margaritas and caipirinhas!
  • Zillions of lit candles!
As it warms up, they can practically open up the whole darn restaurant so it'll feel al fresco!

And I learned that Barrio is owned by the same folks who brought us the wonderful Purple Cafes. Take a look at their site for more info.

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