Friday, May 15, 2009

WORKTANK giving Seattleites something to smile about!

This is not a Hispanic market-related post, but one that I just feel compelled to make.

Worktank, a Seattle ad agency, has come up with an original idea to show Seattleites that lemons can be turned into lemonade--and for us to share our own stories. It's called "Embrace the Lemon," and it's got its own Facebook page, Twitter account, and mascot (a lemon, what else?). It's a feel-good campaign, and I personally like it. Especially these days, when all we're hearing is doom and gloom, it's nice to incite people to talk about happy endings. You know what I mean.
A posting on the P-I's site today talked about the campaign. They're not embracing the lemon (YET), but it's still good press in my opinion. Take a read.
There are a couple of things I must point out, however:

1) The launch ad feels all too reminiscent of that class European ad, "Mr. W." (If you haven't seen this ad, do it now. It's my all-time favorite!) Maybe that's what they were going for.

2) This campaign better not be hiding some Worktank client (aside from the agency's own brand). I have no issue with them promoting themselves, but if we find out that all this feel-good hype is actually promoting some other brand, I'm going to be very disappointed.

What do you think?


  1. Hi, thanks for writing about what we're doing on the streets today in Seattle and on!

    We aren't doing this for any client -- this is for the community. :)

    Best, David


  2. Super - thanks, David, for the assurance. This is a neat campaign - thanks for bringing Seattle your originality!

  3. Hi Lauri,
    Thanks for writing about the campaign. And there is no hidden client - we just wanted to put some positive energy out into the world.
    thanks again,

  4. I love the Mr. W commercial. the potential is ours. Thanks for the great link.


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