Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tonight on Ke Buena 6:30-7pm

Ke Buena (1210 AM) is airing a show this evening that will help Seattle-area Latinos better understand how to discuss their headaches with their doctors.

Considering that some people suffer headaches regularly--and most of us don't know how to express that pain to our doctors--this is an enlightening show that shares how different headaches can be, where the pain is coming from, and some tips on avoiding and alleviating them.

Tune in this evening, 6:30-7 to hear Host Gigi Basaure talk with Erica Eickoff, LMP and trained physical therapist.

This is a service brought by Community Health Plan in the interest of helping our Latino community better understand issues around health and safety, and helping improve the overall health of our community.

For more information about Community Health Plan, visit the organization's multilingual site.

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