Sunday, February 1, 2009

BIENVENIDOS: 3 New Interns at Conexión Marketing

Yes, you read that correctly--we've just been granted the time and talent of three smart UW students from the Spanish and Portuguese division of the Romance Languages Department!

Yecenia Guerrero is a Mexican American from Yakima, Washington! She's studying a double-major in Sociology and Spanish with a minor in Education, and will be looking into fulfilling her teaching requirements once she graduates so she can share her gifts with local kids. With lots of office, community organization, and leadership experience, we're excited to have Yecenia on board with us!

Asunción Márquez is also Mexican American. He hails from Sunnyside, a town with a population that's more Hispanic than anything else. Asunción has another year left in his studies after this one as he's pursuing a double major to include Community Environmental Planning/Urban Planning as well as Spanish. He's got lots of great retail, research, and customer service experience, and is an expert merchandiser.

Ceinwen Bushey is a Dean's List gringa with an amazing fluency in Spanish, thanks to her years in Ecuador and Guatemala (plus travels elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking world). She is finishing her Spanish degree in early June and will be doing networking as part of her internship. She is the reason we don't limit our internships to native Spanish speakers.

Yecenia, Asunción and Ceinwen will be working with us both this and next quarter, learning about Hispanic marketing, lending their ideas, and collaborating with us in the Conexión Marketing office. ¡Bienvenidos!

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