Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A winner even in this economy

Last night on KING 5 news I heard that Big Fish Games is going gangbusters, even in this down economy. In fact, while other companies are downsizing, Big Fish Games is hiring 35 employees according to the report! Perhaps when people are facing a shrinking pocketbook they turn to low-cost leisure-time activities, like casual gaming.

Why is this relevant to us? Because two of our star interns from the past are on the Big Fish Games team, bringing games en español to casual gamers throughout the Spanish-speaking world! Marketer Andrés Cubero was here from Madrid and studying at the UW when we accepted his internship. Adriana Flores Aponte, a brainiac from Venezuela, was trained as a biologist but studying business when we brought her on board.

Congrats to Andrés, Adriana and Big Fish Games for their success!

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