Friday, February 6, 2009

Local Univision Affiliate ON FIRE

THIS JUST IN - we just received the Spring 2009 Media Kit from the folks over at KUNS, and the results are just stunning! Thanks to the popularity of Jaime Méndez and their local news broadcast, Noticias Noroeste, and the hot telenovela Querida Enemiga, they have ranked #4 weeknights 6-7pm and #3 and weeknights 7-8pm among network stations for the women 18-34 set.

That means that they've got a larger audience within that category than ever!
  • Weeknights 6-7, they rank ahead of KIRO, KONG, KSTV and even KOMO!
  • Weeknights 7-8, their rankings place them in front of KING, KONG, KSTW and KMYQ.
We are not talking about a Spanish-speaking only audience; we are talking about local women 18-34!

This is the kind of news that just makes my day.

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