Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In case you missed Sunday's Seattle Times article on Latino Students

Last Sunday there was a front-page article in the Times on Latinos and education. Its basic premise was that the Washington Latinos in K-12 are increasing at a greater rate than non-Latinos--but that those numbers are not represented at the university level.

I was especially interested in this data:

In the two decades ending in 2007, the number of white, non-Hispanic K-12 students grew by 6 percent, while the number of Hispanic students soared by 372 percent. By 2030, Latinos are projected to become the first minority group in Washington to top 1 million residents.

So that's at the elementary/middle/high school levels. But at the university level, the average statewide K-12 Hispanic density of about 13% is more like 5% (UW), 5.5% (WSU), and 7.2% CWU. The article goes on to herald Eastern Washington University as a forward-looking university, partially due to its Latino leadership.

So...state colleges are doing more to inform local Latinos about their educational opportunities and hopefully also doing more to recruit Latino instructors. Latino students are further inspired when their professors are also Latino!

In related news: Read this article on Hispanic MPR for data regarding how U.S.-born Hispanics compare to immigrant Hispanics. It's not good news, and we need to react quickly.

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