Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shortest distance between co. & consumer? HipCricket

I just finished reading an amazing article written by Rita Chang in the 1/26/09 edition of Advertising Age, titled "Mobile marketers target receptive Hispanic audience." Let me know if you'd like me to send you a PDF of that article. Good stuff.

This article reiterates that Hispanics are generally more engaged with their wireless devices than the general population. Some 71% of Hispanics consume content on their cellphones, while just 48% of general market consumers do!

In addition, the median age reported in this article significantly differs--the Latino consumer's median age is 27.6, whereas the general consumer median age is 36.6. Mobile marketing helps companies target that 18-34 Hispanic that is so valuable as a consumer.

So one last statistic that will close the deal: 6% of Hispanics interact with text messaging campaigns. Just half--3%--of the general market group interact similarly.

This is why companies should seriously consider SMS campaigns, especially to Hispanic consumers. And HipCricket, based across the lake in Kirkland, Washington, does just that.

Local Univision affiliate KUNS and Bustos Media have already figured out that HipCricket can help them interact in real time with their audiences and have engaged HipCricket for sponsorships and contests; KUNS has the UniText51 Club; Bustos is even crafting an employment text club for announcement later this year.

So I asked the folks at HipCricket if they would be so kind as to join my Hispanic marketing panel at Market to the Max in Seattle this March. Looks like we'll have CEO Ivan Braiker on the panel!

Save the date: Wednesday, March 11, 2009. More to come!

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