Saturday, March 14, 2009

Last Day to Help Girl Scouts with Cookie Sale!

At the grocery store this morning I was reminded that today's the last day of the big Girl Scout fundraiser--their cookie sale.

And I learned something interesting from this Girl Scout and her mom: That different cookie flavors sell differently depending on who's buying. For example, they say nationally speaking, men tend to buy more mints and samoas (their biggest sellers) than any other variety. Women have a special love for peanut butter patties.

I also learned that the cookie varieties sell differently among different ethnicities. In fact, I brought up their newest flavor, Dulce de Leche, and asked how it was selling in their home neighborhood of Burien.

"Fantastic - it's the big seller among Latinos." And I'm sure that's why Girl Scouts added the flavor to the mix this year. They're working on all kinds of outreach to Latinos nationally, and here in Western Washington as well.

Perhaps Latinos are more likely to buy the Dulce de Leche cookie. And those same purchasers may be parents, who see Girl Scouts selling these terrific cookies can observe what that's doing for these girls' confidence and self-esteem as well as business savvy. Maybe after that experience they're more aware of the benefits of Girl Scouts and more likely to want to see their own girls join in.

In any case, it's your last chance for a box of tag-a-longs. The Girl Scout I talked to and her mom are selling at the QFC at Harvard Market on Capitol Hill all day until 8pm tonight.

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