Sunday, October 5, 2008

Man, that was a great Hispanic Chamber Gala!

Saturday night's gala was a great event, well attended with lots of good networking, an inspiring address from our Governor as well as one from the Republican gubernatorial candidate, some well-deserving people getting awards (no one at my table was sure how one becomes eligible for this honor), the food was phenomenal, and on and on.

I thought it was super-cool that Cris Guillen was recognized for the commitment he's shown to the Chamber and to pulling all the Washington State Hispanic Chambers together as one association. He literally quit his job to take on that task and his accomplishment was celebrated at the Gala.

But it became really obvious that this event was (with the exception of Chris Gregoire) all about men!

Everybody on the new Association of Washington State Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Board of Directors and all regional Chamber leaders--men, all of them!

All three award winners? Men.

The MC? a man.

That was more than a little disheartening, especially since I have personally chatted with many successful businesswomen (Latina and otherwise) not only at that event, but throughout the year at King County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce events. Are we not leaders? What's going on?

I invite your comments.

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