Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day of the Dead Preview

OK - this it NOT an official Day of the Dead event! And certainly not an official translation (which instead of reading "Day of the Dead [Ones]" reads "Day of Death" but with an atrocious grammatical error. Whoops! And who is DJ King of Pants? ¿El Rey de los Pantelones? Oh, dear!

But this image DID get your attention, ¿no?

In real Day of the Dead news - Seattle's official celebration takes place November 1-2 down at the Seattle Center. Altars, sugar skulls, y mucho más! For more info please visit

Typically there's a counterpart celebration down south, in Tacoma. When I hear more about that one, I'll post.

Last year we celebrated with a special party at Conexión Marketing offices downtown, which attracted way more people than we could fit (thank goodness for the hallway, which made for a scalable party)! Good times. This year I'm heading over to others' parties instead.

I like celebrating Day of the Dead instead of Halloween because there are no costumes involved...

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  1. I appreciate that Dia de Muertos is becoming a more mainstream event. But I'm not sure about celebrating Dia del Muerte, also not quite sure about wearing "calacas" as shorts :)


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