Monday, October 20, 2008

Neighborhood Gallery is moving ;-(

Conexión Marketing is mourning, because the artist who created the beautiful painting that hangs in our office (and from which we created last year's holiday card) is closing his Capitol Hill gallery and consolidating in San Francisco. Warren Knapp Gallery has lived on my street for years, and I'm going to miss peering in at the artwork on my way to Bauhaus for coffee.

SILVER LINING: There's a sale! A tremendous sale, actually, on all the original paintings at this location! Today, tomorrow and Thursday from 6-9pm stop by 1530 Melrose Avenue for amazing savings on Warren's great pieces. For example, you can get a 48"x 60" painting for just $250! Check out his site for examples of what's in store:

Adiós, Warren. You'll be missed!

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