Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Media Updates

OK, so we've shared about Radio Sol, ahem, EL REY. It's generally the same format but a new name/new management/new DJ. Tune in to 1360AM.

The latest at El Rey is that longtime Radio Sol sales guy Edgar Solares has moved to El Mundo, our area's oldest respected Spanish-language newspaper out of Wenatchee, which serves western and central WA. So for all your western Washington El Mundo ad deals call Edgar! He's a great guy and really takes care of his clients.

(And for your El Rey advertising we urge you to call Greg Kronlund, who has loyally served us at Conexión Marketing.)

>>Or just call us, and we can direct you to the best in the biz and help you with your creative as well!


  • Onfe has changed its name. We think it's now Onfe Home Loans.
  • Onfe Foundation is the new non-profit created by the same Onfe team. Mission: Development of financial education and information to creating sustainable prosperity and strengthening of America through both local community events targeting families and individuals as well as small business entrepreneurs. (as it appears on their website) Oh and longtime local musician (think: Bochinche) Eddie Quintero serves on the Board.
  • Onfe Founder and President Gustavo Montoya has purchased El Mundo newspaper from Jim Tiffany and Carlos Rossetti.


OK, we are aware of possible changes a-brewin' at Bustos Media, but nothing's official yet. Stay tuned...

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