Tuesday, October 7, 2008

POR FIN: Latino Expo

I say "por fin" (finally) because the event took place this past Sunday, but I'm just now getting to this post. Ah, the life of a socialite....I mean student.
I also say "por fin" because it's about time the Seattle area has an event of this scale that's dedicated to professionals.

The Latino Expo (aka the Latino Consumer, Business and Career Expo) at Meydenbauer Center was a pretty big event, as it turns out. This I believe is Expo NW's first event of this type in Western Washington (correct me if I'm wrong), although they've mastered it in Pasco!

They sold out all the exhibitors' booths and had an interesting combination of banks, schools, insurance carriers, cookware, jewelry, and and and the list goes on. It was hard to know whether I should apply for a job, enroll in school, or get car insurance. I think if the event were more focused (or somehow categorized) it might be more meaningful to attendees and bring more of the exhibitors' target to the event and to their booth.

All in all, I was happy to see that there was indeed some attendance there (including some of my favorite people) and I know that with more events in our area, Expo NW will see success with their well-planned events.

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  1. Hi Lauri,

    The photo was good, no embarrassment there:).

    The expo was great, I met a lot of people.

    Rebecca Lambert
    Bustos Media Seattle


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