Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hipsanic (sic)

OK, OK - I would call myself an expert proofer (in fact, I'm considered a professional because people pay me to do it!), but I must confess that I just sent out an email to fellow professionals with the typo "Hipsanic." Nice.

And that made me wonder: Have I made that same mistake here? This is one of those commonly made typos for me, like wiht, or form.

If so - past or future - please excuse my human-ness. lj


  1. ey taht's kool Lorie wee al duit...
    The important part for a casual chat/blog/forum/e-mail is that it is understandable and the best part when someone corrects you, is that only then you know for sure that they are paying attention...

  2. Sad thing was, I discovered the error myself. ;-)


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