Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hispanic Business: 4Word Design

I met Dan Vargas a couple of weeks' back at a Seattle Latino Professional meetup, and learned a little about his business. He came by the office yesterday to tell us more about what he does and what differentiates 4Word Design from other signage companies.

First of all, Dan's a lifelong sales guy--but the kind you *want* to work with. He learns about the customers' needs, and delivers. In this case, he and his team at 4Word Design deliver quality signage of all types. And their in-house graphic design team is not only great at creating designs that fit the client's target, but seasoned in large-format. The above image is the postcard he gave me yesterday, which depicts some of the kinds of signage orders his business fulfills.

What makes 4Word Design different? They answer their phones, they return calls, they're responsive to customer needs. Clients have told Dan that this is exactly why he got the work and the "big guys" didn't.

If you or someone you know is in the position of ordering signage, think of Dan and 4Word Design. Check 'em out!

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