Thursday, June 4, 2009

I could make a good diaper pun here ... (but I won't because I'm a professional)

This is a warning to all marketers attempting to appeal to the Hispanic consumer: Be authentic.
Even Pampers has made enemies of its customers through its
Viva la Familia Pampers Parties campaign.
What did Pampers do wrong? They sent out gobs of free stuff for Hispanic moms to share with friends in a party setting at their home. Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, the response has been pretty negative for some recipients. The swag includes materials and propaganda from companies consumers may consider to have predatory practices. It includes catalogs (what a nice idea!). It includes random, branded tchotchkes that feel like marketing, not like gifts.

And now those recipients are talking, they're blogging, and they're not being very nice. They don't feel good about Pampers promoting certain companies that are known to prey on immigrants or lower-income consumers. They don't like the fact that Pampers is trying to buy them--persuade them to hold Pampers Parties of 10 or more--with insufficient quantities of giveaways for 10 people. They don't like the fake diamond earrings.

They just don't like how this campaign makes them feel. And I think all marketers are cognizant that, in the end, it's about an emotional connection. The connection Pampers has unfortunately made through this initiative happens to not be very positive.

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