Friday, June 19, 2009

The Running of the Bulls ... in Seattle?

Ever been to Txori? It's a cute little tapas bar in Belltown owned by the same people who brought you the famous Harvest Vine basque restaurant in Madison Valley. It's really authentic, and the food is amazing.
You've probably heard of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Every day Spaniards throughout the rest of the country turn on their televisions to see who's going to make it through the winding streets without falling or getting going gored before entering the plaza, the finish line. I remember watching that each morning and the thrill of it all. Never saw it live, though. Here's our chance!

Txori is back with their Seattle version of the Running of the Bulls event, and it's a hoot! I'm copying and pasting their announcement below. If you go, please comment and tell us about your experience!

The Running of the Bulls
returns to Seattle . . .
The Festival of San Fermin is a time-honored tradition in the Basque country. You can be part of the celebration by joining us for the 2nd Annual Festival of San Fermin at Txori, July 6 through the 14th.

No San Fermin Festival would be complete without the adrenaline rush of Running with the Bulls. Join us Tuesday, July 7th at 8:00pm, and be part of our very own encierro , where human-powered “bulls” will chase participants through the alleyways of Belltown. A $20 entry fee guarantees you a spot in the Run as well as a souvenir t-shirt (with the above design). Those who arrive early will have a chance to vote on their favorite bull. We ask that you wear your best Running of the Bulls outfit (white pants, a red cap or scarf, maybe even a red sash around the waist), put on your new t-shirt, and get ready to run…

Joining us in our run, each with a bull of their own creation will be Tom Douglas Restaurants, Olivar, La Taverna del Alabardero, Seattle Food Tours, The Harvest Vine and BLA Architects.
Last year’s event was a big success, but with more bulls and more thrill seekers like yourself, this year will surely bring more laughs and excitement. If that isn’t reason enough, all the proceeds from the event will benefit the Puget Sound Blood Bank.

Call or stop by to sign up: 206-204-9771

Click here to see images of last year's fiesta. Or here to find out more about San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain.

Txoko Dinner
If Running with the Bulls isn’t for you, we are offering additional events to help Seattle celebrate
the Festival of San Fermin.

On the eve of the Run, Carolin will be hosting a Txoko Communal Dinner Monday, July 6th at 6:30pm. This special four-course dinner will be served at communal dining tables, offering guests the opportunity to experience Basque dining in a fun, familial setting. The dinner is $45 per person plus beverages, tax and gratuity. This dinner sold out quickly last year. Reservations are recommended.

Pintxo Recipe Competition
On Wednesday, July 8th through Friday, July 11th the festivities continue with the 2nd Annual Pintxo Recipe Competition. Submit your favorite pintxo recipe to the kitchen at Txori by July 1st. Come in on the 8th through the 11th to try the three finalists and vote for your favorite. The winner will be announced on Saturday, July 12th at 8:00pm . The winner will receive a basket of prizes as well as be immortalized by a plaque on our pintxo bar.

Email your recipes to or mail to 2207 2nd Ave, Seattle, 98121.

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