Monday, June 8, 2009


Do you know about this ongoing political-based research? It's conducted regularly by Pacific Market Research (our go-to for quantitative bilingual data collection).

Here's the latest results from a poll regarding the first 100 days of the Obama administration:

Action on immigration this year is identified as “extremely important” by 51% of Latino registered voters polled on the occasion of the President’s 100th day in office. This compares with only 40% just last November, when Latino voters supported the president by more than 2-1 against his Republican rival. Another 23% now describe it as “very” important. At that time, Hispanic registered voters appeared willing to give the new administration some time to deliver on the promised changes but, perhaps sensing an unusual opportunity and the president’s own recent statements on the matter, Latino voters appear to see action on immigration as increasingly urgent.

When presented with a comprehensive reform plan that included both tougher border enforcement as well as an adjustment of status for undocumented workers already here accompanied by penalties and a waiting period, a full 75% supported this approach, with 49% strongly supporting it.

They also mention that economy is the most important issue (even over immigration) and also the fact that approximately 81% of Latino registered voters approve of the job the President is doing, and 57% of that is strong approval. By contrast, disapproval at any level totals only 16%.

  • To reference this type of information, check in with Latino Decisions for the latest results.
  • For a great value in quantitative data collection with full bilingual capabilities, visit Pacific Market Research or call (425) 271-2300 and ask for Andrew or Mark!

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